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About Asbury Foundation of Hattiesburg

The Asbury Foundation is a private grant making organization serving Hattiesburg, Mississippi and the surrounding area.  The reallocation of its assets from the sale of Wesley Health System in September 1997 provided the Foundation with funds to be used to strengthen education and health and to offer initiatives to improve the quality of life.

An outside investment company manages the funds and grants are awarded four times each year from the interest and dividends.


Our Staff
William K. Ray is the President/CEO of the Foundation.
Stacie Michel Wallace is the Executive Assistant/Associate Director. 


Our Community

Guided by its tradition of serving others, the Asbury Foundation is committed to the development of a healthy community though our grant making endeavors.  The Asbury Foundation invests in community organizations that provide or strengthen education and health or offers other initiatives to improve the quality of life in the area we serve.  'We are here, faithful and prepared to serve."


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